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Wellington Childcare With A Difference

Here at Pride Lands, we have a simple, clear vision:
“To help guide children through to adulthood, to help as many children as possible, and to provide this assistance anywhere it is needed, and to any age.” To realise this vision we offer a range of before and after school care and school holiday programs designed to nurture and provide support to children and their families.

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As a parent, once you understand our vision you’ll see why our services are different from other providers and how those differences are all designed to teach confidence and respect and to help your children grow into great adults.

Ask kids why they love coming to Pride Lands, and while they might mention the great food, or the way we treat them with respect, or the fantastic field trips, the number one response will be how much fun they have with us.

What We Do:

Before School Care

We make sure your children have a good breakfast, are energised, focussed and mentally and physically ready to start their school day.

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After School Care

Your children can relax and unwind after a day at school, get help with assignments or homework and do fun, structured activities.

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Holiday Programmes

The way holidays should be. Children catch up with old friends and make new ones, do lots of fun activities, and go on interesting day trips.
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After School Care

The Pride Lands Difference

No matter when or why your children come to us, for before school care, after school care or school holiday programmes, or the age of your children, there are some things we think are important, that form the basis of everything we do.

• No TV or video games
• Cooking and eating healthy, balanced meals
• Offering structured, varied and fun activities – no game or activity repeated in a year
• Teaching behaviour management and conflict resolution techniques
• Encouraging and motivating children to always strive for success.
• An emphasis on teamwork and confidence-building challenges
• Enhancing the passion, direction and decision making of children
• Promoting the development of self-care skills

Our before school care, after school care and school holiday programmes all qualify for Out of School Care and Recreation (OSCAR) subsidies. To find out if you qualify for an OSCAR subsidy, and how to get it, visit the Work and Income website below.

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What some of our Clients say:

I love that every time I go to pick my son up, he doesn't want to leave. He is always playing games and having fun, and always learning about respect, getting on with others, healthy competition, negotiating conflict and his own self-mastery. The love and care for the children is obvious from Moses and his awesome team - (Geneva, Thuza and Sehati and more). We are big fans!

Pride Lands is one of the BEST childcare services so far in New Zealand. They are effective and efficient when it comes to looking after our future leaders of tomorrow. Highly recommended.

Huge improvement in the boys since they joined the pride. Noticed by all the family. Love that screens and technology are restricted and it's great to pick them up to find them playing games rather than winding down in front of a screen each night. Only drawback is some days if I pick them up early they don't want to leave and the comments that Geneva's baking - with no refined sugar- is better than mine or store bought and they still insist Talia's pancakes last eaten two years ago are unmatched! Setting the bar high for Mums!

Jack and Ella have been attending Pride Lands School Holiday Programmes for several years and I have never been disappointed by the activities and events that Moses and his team continually provide. The children are kept active and interested at every step despite the fact that Jack is now at an age where he feels ‘older’ than some who attend. He is encouraged to assist in guiding the younger children which has seen him step into a new role which will develop him further. Thank you, Pride Lands. Caryn Howcroft

Pride Lands provides the kind of valuable life experience that many kids in those pre-teens and early years would benefit from - learning to be a bit self-sufficient, make new friends and live without home comforts. This is all great life experience to draw on as part of growing up. Elizabeth Palmer

Kawariki and his sisters attended the Pride Lands Holiday Program at Otari and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was really impressed by the warm greeting that we got each morning and the obvious interest that your staff took in ensuring our children were comfortable settled and well cared for. We’ll be revisiting the holiday program in the future. Thank you, Pride Lands and have a pleasant day. Paula Rawiri

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