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Help 100 - Pledge Support

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Pride dollars, used as currency at the Pride Lands school holiday programme Pride Fair.

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We are fundraising to Help 100 young people struggling in our communities.

These children could be having trouble due to anxiety, ADHD, behavioural challenges, family trauma, school expulsion, gang affiliation, suicidal tendencies, community exclusion, family struggles, drug problems and others.

100% of every amount pledged goes directly to supporting young people struggling in our communities across the Wellington Region.

Pride Lands services that help includes:

What else are we doing to Help 100?

Two other initiatives run by Pride Lands raise funds to Help 100

100% of the proceeds from Pride Clothing goes towards help 100.

Likewise, 100% of the money raised from Pride Gallery is used in Help 100.

Pride Lands Pride Gallery
Pride Lands clothing

If you want to help Pride Lands give children in the Wellington region a brighter future, you can pledge support for Help 100.

You can pledge money, goods or services, anything that will help us help kids in need. As part of the pledge process you can also nominate a child that you think would benefit from Help 100 support.

Fill out the pledge form below, or download a copy to fill out, and we’ll contact you to discuss the support you can provide.

Help 100 Online Pledge Form
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I/we pledge to:
How often?
Do you know of a child who needs help?

Find out about how to suggest a child for sponsorship.

Nominate a child
Find out more about the Pride Initiative

Skills to set children up for life!

Pride Initiative
We would like to thank the following businesses for sponsoring the Help a Hundred in the Hutt Pride Initiative: