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Do your kids need things to do this weekend?

“I’m bored!”

“There’s nothing to do”

Boredom has its place when you are raising children. The theory is that bored children end up finding their own entertainment, hopefully having fun, outside, with other kids.

The problem is that many children these days turn to digital devices when bored, and while screens promise entertainment, they often leave kids even more bored and lacking the motivation to do anything. For some children boredom and excessive screen time is actually dangerous.

If you are one of the many parents that ends up googling “things to do this weekend”, we’ve got great news for you.

To help combat weekend boredom, and the negative impact it has on some children, Pride Lands is proud to offer Saturday Pride Games.

Keeping our Tamariki engaged in structured and constructive activities is what we do best at Pride Lands.

Our Saturday Pride Games is a social integrative programme designed to occupy your cubs for a few hours once a month. There will be Cooking Programmes, Structured Activities, Multicultural Music, Wild Arts and lunch to ensure that your cubs are happy, well cared for and making new friends and connections. If you are looking for things to do this weekend in the Wellington region, give Pride Games a try, you and your kids will love it.

If your child requires extra support during our Saturday Pride Games, we can provide additional, dedicated, one-on-one mentoring throughout the sessions. See our fees page for the cost.

What about you parents and guardians? Well, take a break! Better yet, take care of any domestic matters including shopping for household needs without your cubs pestering you. Catch-up with friends and/or family for brunch or afternoon tea. Relax and live a little. If you need to catch-up with a little bit of work, you can do so in peace. But don’t work too much! Once you have found the Pride Lands solution to things to do this weekend, you can use the time however you want.

Parents who wish to come and hang out and have some fun away from home, you are welcome to join us. Please, don’t be shy.

Things to do this weekend, for kids AND parents!

Fun With Hoops


4 – 17 year olds.


South Wellington Intermediate School Hall, Berhampore.


10am – 3pm, Last Saturday of the month.

How much?

A maximum of $69 per cub per session. Cheaper option available, see Our Fees.


 Pick up from and drop off back to home available if needed, see Shuttle Services.

For some real life examples of the sort of things we get up to during Pride Games, have a look at Before School, and After School Care YouTube playlists.

Looking for After School Care?

After School Care