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Here at Pride Lands we have the people, skills and experience to help the children of the Hutt Valley, building on over 15 years of success.

We run Childcare Services, as an easy way to reach children in need, but in recent years we have invested a lot in training our staff. We now also do a lot of One-on-One Support and Mentoring, wherever it is needed, at home, at school or at our head office, for children who have been suspended or expelled. Several government agencies have been using our Mentoring services in schools around the Wellington region recently.

The problem for us is that giving children the support they need to thrive isn’t cheap, and if those children have any special needs, the costs escalate.

With the costs of living going up rapidly, and funding from government agencies declining, we need to find different ways to help local children be the best they can and build positive futures, and that’s where you come in.

Pride in the Hutt
Pride Lands is expanding from Wellington and setting up its first pride in the Hutt Valley, at Dyer Street School in Lower Hutt.

We are asking businesses in the Hutt Valley to join us as part of Pride Initiative and sponsor a hundred local children to access the services of Pride Lands. We are calling this project “Help 100 – in the Hutt”.

Every child that gets sponsored is another child and family that we can give the support they need, when and where they need it most. Local solutions to these issues are the most effective, and the benefits flow back into the local community. It’s a win-win for the Hutt Valley.

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What success looks like
Our vision sums up what we are hoping to achieve in the Hutt Valley with Pride Initiative – Help 100 in the Hutt.

“To help guide children through to adulthood, to help as many children as possible, and to provide this assistance anywhere it is needed, and to any age.”

When a child leaves the Pride Lands family, we always hope it is because they no longer need our help and support and are going on to be the best young adults they can be.

In some cases, proof of our success lies in the children that have come back to us as young adults and gone on to become Pride Lands mentors themselves.

Would you like to help?

Be part of Help 100 in the Hutt.

Sponsor a Hutt Valley child
Do you know of a child who needs help?

Find out about how to suggest a child for sponsorship.

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