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In-Home Care

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In-Home Care

Cooking Breakfast

If you need our services, like before or after school care, but it would make things easier if your children didn’t have to come to us, then our In-Home Care, which we call Pride In Action and Activities Coordinators, is the solution.

We send one of Our Pride staff out to your place, at the times that suit you, to help with whatever your children need.

Before school we can come to your home before you leave for work, then give your children breakfast, make sure they are dressed and bags packed and all ready for school, then drive them to school and drop them off. After school we can pick your kids up from school, drive them home, help them with any homework, give them a snack and entertain them until you get home.

If you need our help at other times, or for special events just ask, we are happy to help. We don’t just come to your home either. To find out more about other ways that we can bring our services to you, see Pride In Action and Activities Coordinators.

Making Food


At your place.


This service is available every day of the week (Monday to Sundays) including public holidays.


Any age group and any number of people.

How much?

A maximum of $36 per hour per coordinator. Discounts are available, see Our Fees page.

Transport options?

We come to you, and as part of the package, we can provide pick-up and drop-off services. i.e. we can pick children up from school, take them home and then run Pride In Action and Activities. See our Shuttle Service page for more details and prices.