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Pride In Action

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Pride In Action is where we bring our services to you, wherever you need them, and for any number of people. This includes support services, child care, entertainment and activities at:

  • Your home
  • Retirement villages
  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • Childcare centres, and
  • All kinds of private and public events including birthday parties.

We actively work with families, local communities, government and non-governmental agencies to provide mentorship (1-on-1) support for children that struggle at home and school in their communities as part of their wraparound service.

Pride In Action services are available in the following places:

  1. Pride at Home: Where we conduct structured activities in the homes of individual families which can also include cooking programmes. In line with our philosophy, no TV and no video games are allowed.
  2. Pride in School: Where we assist teachers in their class by keeping a child (or children) of interest that we have a 1-on-1 relationship with, in order. This ensures they can continue learning and also do not disrupt the class. It can also allow us to indirectly help the educators get some tips on how to manage the behaviour of those cubs and possibly others in their class.
  3. Pride in the City: Cubs that are suspended from school can be brought to our head office to be supervised as they continue their school work so that they do not miss out or fall too far behind. Our head office is comfortable and has all the necessary equipment and stationery materials needed for them to complete their school work.

At head office, the cubs can either bring their lunch or we can provide it for them. If we provide meals, we ensure they are healthy and nutritious.

At times when these children have teacher only days, or school closes early for some reason, we can take them for a Holiday Programme style adventure activities, which are educational, good for their behaviour and quite a treat for them.

Our family shuttles can travel anywhere in Wellington Region to carry out all Pride In Action activities.

Our Pride staff are professional session coordinators, with good people management and group control skills that allow them to organise and implement some great activities and routines for the people they are working with. The number of staff members that you need is determined by the number of people in the session. Contact us if you want to discuss your options. All staff are fully first aid trained and well-practised at keeping everything they do fun and safe.

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Wherever you need us.


This service is available every day of the week (Monday to Sundays) including public holidays.


Any age group and any number of people.

How much?

A maximum of $30 per hour per coordinator. Discounts are available, see Our Fees page.

Transport options?

We come to you, and as part of the package, we can provide pick-up and drop-off services. i.e. we can pick children up from school, take them home and then run in-home care. See Shuttle Services for more information.

To see a few examples of what we get up to with our our cubs during Pride in Action, sample a few of the videos in our Pride Lands YouTube playlist.