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One-on-One Support

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Now accepting children from four years old!

Photo of a Pride Lands cub sitting on the shoulders of one of our mentors at After School Care

One-on-One Support is for children that need a bit more individual help to happily attend and join in at our standard Pride Lands Childcare services such as Before and After School Care and Holiday Programmes.

This also works well for children that have minor behavioural struggles, and would benefit from individual attention from our trained staff, but don’t need our full Mentoring Support Services.

Giving children the support they need

Your child could be anxious about coming to Pride Lands by themselves, have minor behavioural issues, or be neurodiverse.

Why they need individual help doesn’t matter, we’re happy to provide it.

Some cubs may only need One-on-One Support for a limited time while they settle in with us and find their feet. For others, having someone that understands them might be the only way they can get the benefit of attending our standard services.

Pride Lands mentor

Bringing Pride Lands to you

One-on-one Pride Lands support can also be provided outside of our standard services by our dedicated Activities Coordinators.

If you’d like to discuss having our Pride Lands Childcare services coming to you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Children Reading


At Pride Lands.


Monday to Friday (except public holidays).


4 – 17 year olds, usually one-on-one, but we can work with more than one child in a family if needed.

How much?

$13 per hour, on top of the normal service fees. Discounts are available, see Our Fees page.

(e.g. After school care is $28.01 a session for one child and goes for 3 hours, so One-on-One support costs $39 for the session, total cost is $67.01)

Transport options?

For our standard services, our standard transport options are available (see Shuttle Services). If you want One-on-One Support to come to you, the shuttle service rates apply for the Pride Lands support person travelling to and from your place.

Registering for One-on-One Support.

If you want One-on-One Support for your child at a standard Pride Lands Childcare service, you can request this as part of our enrolment system, or you can download, print and fill in an enrolment form using the button below.

One-on-One Support - Application Form

If you’d like to discuss having our Pride Lands Childcare services coming to you, Please contact us.