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Over the years we have been able to use our skills as activities coordinators for a range of clients across the Wellington region.

We have run successful activities for schools, team building for businesses, entertained children at parties and special events and more.
kids activities after school

Based on over fifteen years of experience running unique childcare services, our team ensure that children, young people and adults (if they want to join in) are consistently engaged in interactive activities that keep them happy and motivated.

The activities that our coordinators run are:

    • A Unique mix of old school games with modern twists.
    • Safe, enjoyable and effective for both children and adults
    • Matched to the location, situation, and the interest and energy level of the participants
    • Able to be run in almost any environment, private residences, childcare centres, birthday parties, weddings, business functions, weddings, charity events, retirement villages, schools and much more.
    • An opportunity for parents/caregivers to relax or be part of the fun and adventure we bring.

Why our activities stand out

Our unique activities combine mental and physical aspects that offer numerous benefits.

Physical challenges have a positive effect on physical health, mental health, sleep and brain function and cognition. Keeping active is a great way to improve focus and learning especially if you are having fun doing it.

Research shows that physical activity sparks real, positive changes in the brain that increase attention and improve mood. What’s more, exercise is an inexpensive, self-prescribed, and accessible supplemental treatment option for adults and children with ADHD.

While one-off participants in our activities might not see the long term benefits that Pride Lands children get from doing them regularly, we still get a lot of feedback about how happy and invigorated our games make people of all ages feel.

kids games at Pride Lands
Sarah, Grey-Ridgway School fund raising committee

We really appreciate you taking the time to set up such a fun activity and the enthusiasm with which you ran it!"

The children loved both giving it to go and watching others have a turn. We received lots of great feedback from parents too.

Thank you so much for the fantastic obstacle course you ran for the Ridgway school gala.

Sam Manzanza

Every opportunity to encourage the people of Wellington to be active through stimulating activities should be welcomed. Pride Lands would be an ideal candidate for running events should such a need arise.

The activities coordinators are enthusiastic and courteous, and it is apparent they are very experienced at working with and encouraging others to realise their inner potential to enjoy life and have fun.

I have seen the staff at Pride Lands communicating with children and adults in groups and individual settings, and have been very impressed by their natural ability to positively engage with them during African Celebrations.

In my capacity as the chairman of the African Communities Council of Wellington (ACCW), I have known Moses Ariama for years and met Pride Lands Activities Coordinators a number of times during the African Day Celebrations.

Bindi Robertson – Owhiro Bay Country Fair Coordinator 2017

We very much appreciate their continued support.

In this regard, Pride Lands has supported the fair for many years with the generous donation of prizes and voluntary participation in providing games and activities for children on the day of the fair.

Pride Lands plays an integral role in the families of Owhiro Bay in relation to their childcare activities, but more than that, Pride Lands is also active in its contributions to the wider community.

On behalf of the Owhiro Bay Country Fair organising committee I would like to thank Pride Lands for their continued support of the fair.

Purnima Dash

Thanks again

Moses, I can’t thank you enough for your enthusiasm and the energetic attitude you have.

We have engaged with them for baby shower event too, the thing that I loved is that they customise their program to suit the event and guests of all ages.

The team are a bunch of fun-loving people who have great skills when it comes to making the event lively, engaging and fun.

The Pride Lands team did a great job in running the fun activities on my children’s birthday party. I didn’t have to worry at all how to keep the guests and the kids entertained. They took ownership and control of the entire event.

Margaret Carson

I would like to take this opportunity to note that we intend to continue to invite Pride Lands to our world refugee day events and I would recommend Pride Lands as an entertaining and positive addition to any community events and celebrations you might be planning.

That year we were lucky to have Moses and Pride Lands included in our program for the day. Throughout the day they ran a series of fun recreational activities that attracted a large group of children and young people. These activities were all very well organized and facilitated by Pride Lands staff and we could see the staff were experienced in working with children and young people.

I am currently employed as Service Center Coordinator for the New Zealand Red Cross based in Wellington. Each year we host a community celebration to mark world refugee day. In 2017 the event was held in Porirua and attracted over 400 members of the public who enjoyed food, performances, and children’s activities.

Sylvia and Tavita

All the parents were super impressed by your services too and we will happily leave some 5-star reviews for you guys online. Marley has asked to go to the Pridelands holiday programme so we will probably see you around!

You guys really went above and beyond, and we appreciate your help in creating unforgettable moments that will last a lifetime for the kids - one of them even said 'it was the second-best day of my life' hehe 😊

Thank you so much to you and your team for being part of our wedding day!

Hi Moses

Ras Samuel Judah Seomeng - Africa Day Event Organiser

Pride Lands is a well-established premium childcare business with a suite of wrap-around services ranging from, before-school care, after-school care to school holidays and mentoring programmes, and I can personally vouch for its reliability and dependability.

Pride Lands Childcare has been a trusted partner of the Africa Day celebrations event and has facilitated the children’s activities at the event for the past several years, including the recent event in May 2022, of which I was the lead organizer.

Happiness all around

The types of  activities we run, and the way we organise them means they work as a trigger for the brains of participants to release endorphins – our built-in happiness drugs.
In our experience, the healthy competition and joy of laughter that result from our structured activities is what makes our team the best Wellington has to offer. Our collective wealth of experience makes our activities, quite literally, a game changer in this modern world.
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Wherever you need us.


This service is available every day of the week (Monday to Sundays) including public holidays. (surcharges apply to public holidays and some other days, see the T&C’s below)


1 to 100 years old. We are happy providing activities suitable for all age groups, and any mix of ages.

How much?

$36 per hour per Coordinator. Discounts are available, see Our Fees page.

Transport options?

Our standard transport costs apply for Activity Coordinators coming to and from your location (see Shuttle Services).