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Help 100 Pride Lands

Help 100 is about supporting children and the communities around them, and we are launching it in the Hutt Valley. The aim is to ensure any child who needs assistance can get it at the new Hutt Valley Pride based at Dyer Street School in Lower Hutt.

Help 100 in the Hutt
Why children need help

There can be a wide range of reasons for children needing guidance and support, including difficult home situations and upbringing, having ADHD or being neurodiverse. We also know that the long-term costs to the children, families, communities, and the country, of these kids not getting help can be huge and ongoing.

It often starts with disruptions at school, which leads to truancy and expulsion. With time on their hands these children then spiral into antisocial behaviour, low level crime and drugs, and being chased by government agencies and the police. Without help, unemployment, jail and even suicide are possible end results.

Pride Lands childcare
Pride Lands can help

The good news is that there are solutions that work.

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Pride dollars, used as currency at the Pride Lands school holiday programme Pride Fair.
Can you help?

Get involved as a sponsor in our Help 100 programme.

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Pride Lands childcare
Nominate a child

We help and support children, no matter how or where they need it.

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