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Pride Internships

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Time to make your mark.

The start of the Pride Lands Vision is:

“To help guide children through to adulthood”

Pride Internships is our process for helping children in their early teens as they get closer to graduating from Pride Lands and starting out on the path to being adults.

Oliver Shone was mentored by and graduated from Pride Lands
Pride Lands offers a wide range of services aimed at helping all children be the best they can be.
While we want all cubs to leave Pride Lands with the tools that they need for their futures, some need a lot more of an exit strategy than others.

Our Internship scheme is our way of providing support that can help kids as they move towards becoming independent.

Pride Lands childcare interns

Working at Pride Lands

Our Mentors at Pride Lands all have a number of leadership skills and qualities, all of which are really useful in day-to-day life and other jobs.

Some of our cubs naturally start to take on leadership roles as they get older which can lead to internships as the next step in this process.

Pridelands leadership
Image of Hong with some of the Pride Lands childcare kids hugging her
Working as an intern ticks a lot of boxes for youths that are getting towards the end of their time at Pride Lands

Helping the children that come through our services after them reinforces everything that they learnt during their time as a cub. It also helps them learn a lot of leadership and life skills that build on their time with us, and sets them up to succeed as they grow into adults.

Interns at Pride Lands also get a few other benefits to help them along (though if we are honest we’ll offer this to any members of the Pride Lands family that need it), including us helping them to create a CV detailing their personal development and time spent helping on our services.

We are also happy to help Interns look for, and get, their first ‘real’ job.

Moses working ith an intern

Staying at Pride Lands

It’s certainly not for everyone, but it’s worth mentioning that some of our best Mentors started their journeys with Pride Lands as cubs. Even if you don’t stay with us, who knows, the skills and experience that our interns gain with us might see them spending much of their future helping children in need, one way or another.

Too read about how one of our Mentors went from needing help to giving help at Pride Lands, check out Liam’s PLog.  

If you have a child or children at Pride Lands that you think might enjoy, and benefit from joining our internships programme, or that need other help with their transition away from Pride Lands, then please contact us to discuss this. We’d love to hear from you.

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Pride Lands Cubs learning
Pride Lands Intern talks to sponsors
Pride Lands Intern
Mentors and interns in the kitchen preparing food
PRide Lands Interns preparing food