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Pride Lands Mentoring, Very Beneficial For Our Students

Pride Lands Letter of Endorsement

Kia ora,

Pride Lands have been working with a student from Windley School for most of this year. The mentor has been very beneficial for the student’s management of his behaviour. The mentor has helped the student to regulate his emotions and his engagement socially. Reports on the work done with the student are regular and helpful for the teacher to plan next steps.

The mentor has slowly withdrawn one -to -one support from the student and focussed more and more on the wider group the student works with. This has helped the student to develop independence so he starts self-regulating without the mentor directly working with him.

The preparation, planning and implementation of the work has been totally suitable for the student and the situation the student is in. I would recommend Pride Lands mentors to anyone who has traumatised students that find it hard to self-regulate.

Kia ora mai ano,

Rhys McKinley