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It takes a village to raise a child

Hi, I would like to introduce myself.

Julie explains the support she gets from Pride LandsMy name is Julie, and I am the grandmother of Joe and Azaria who both attend Pridelands.

Joe and Azaria come from a large family that until a couple of years ago had 5 generations that all supported and cared for them .

“It takes a village to raise a child” is an old African proverb that my family not only believes to be important to us in theory, but also in practice in the way we live and raise our children/grandchildren and great grandchildren.  When I think of Pridelands I do not think of a afterschool childcare program, but more of an extension of our family and village that help raise my Grandchildren within a healthy environment. One that is safe, fosters growth, gives them new experiences and lets them flourish at their own pace all alongside this also giving my family support too as we raise Joe and Azaria.

Moses and his staff have now been part of our family for over 2 years now. In 2020 Azaria who is now 7 joined Pridelands as his mum Monique needed extra support before I got home from work, this is due to having a disease in her wrist that limits her ability to do certain tasks. In the beginning of 2021 my son Ben became the full time parent to his son Joe who is now 11, being a full-time student Ben needed help with after-school care for Joe whilst he studied so Azaria was Joined by his cousin Joe at Pridelands.

The last couple of years the boys and our family have gone through some of the hardest times of all our lives. From multiple major surgeries on Azaria’s abdomen resulting in the removal of 2 parts of his bowel, lengthy hospital stays and several readmissions into the children’s ward, major reconstructive surgery on Azaria’s mum’s wrist, family court proceedings and the boy’s Great grandfather having a stroke on Christmas day of 2021 followed by him being in Mary potter hospice and passing away in April 2022. All these events were life changing for the boys and through every one of them Moses and his team at Pridelands were available at any time of the day for calls, support, last minute changes requiring the boys to be dropped off/ picked up at different locations and even provided all the gear that Azaria required for an overnight sleepover during the school holidays. No requests or help that was asked for or needed for the boys or our family was ever a problem for Moses and his team. The support, care and consistency from Moses and Pridelands is something I feel is unique to them and something that has been paramount in the boys ability to come through the last couple of years emotionally well-grounded, strong and overall thriving boys.

My family and me are very extremely grateful to Moses and his team for being part of our family and village that are raising Joe and Azaria.

If you are a family or parent that is looking for care for your child afterschool or during the school holidays, I cannot recommend Pride Lands enough. Not only will they be exposed to many experiences, cultures, and shown crucial life skills but they will be surrounded by positive role models that get alongside all the children and lead by prime example.