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Little News at Pride Lands!

Photo of Moses, the founder of Pride Lands and Pre-schooler laughing at a childcare programme

We now welcome four-year-old children to our regular childcare services.

That means that we can offer wrap-around support that can take any child from helping them get ready for primary school right through to finishing high school and looking for their first job.

Picture of a Pride Lands mentor playing with a four year old in childcare

Parents have been asking for this for years, so Moses decided to do a trial, and for the last few years up to the end of 2023 we had a few cubs in the four to five age range joining us for before and after school care, as well as our holiday programmes.

For some kids, starting at primary school can be a big step. Leaving mum and dad, meeting new adults, and joining a classroom of kids they don’t know in a school full of other kids can all be a bit stressful.

Pride Lands mentor and a group of young cubs on a childcare visit to a library.

One of the big benefits we think kids get from attending Pride Lands services is socialisation. Come to any of the childcare sessions that we run, and one thing is immediately obvious – kids of all ages get along together and interact with ‘grown ups’ from teenagers right through to older folk.

Take kids that have a year or less before they start primary school, give them the Pride Lands advantage, and that first day in the classroom is going to be a lot easier.

Here at Pride Lands, we put the ‘care’ into childcare. Everything we do is designed to teach confidence and respect, and help your children grow into great adults. Helping kids aged four to five get ready for their school years is the final piece of the puzzle that lets us offer wrap around support to children all the way through to becoming young adults.

Picture of a four year old at Pride Lands childcare with a breakfast pancake


Children aged between four and five can now join us for the following services:

Before School Care

  • available at SWIS (Berhampore) and Dyer Street School (Lower Hutt)
  • 7-9am Monday to Friday
  • pick up from home and drop off to school available.

After School Care

  • available at SWIS (Berhampore), Wilton Rugby Club and Dyer Street School (Lower Hutt)
  • 2.30-6pm, Monday to Friday
  • pick up from school and drop off to home available, as well as transport to and from other after school activities such as music lessons, gymnastics and other extracurricular activities.

Holiday programmes

  • available at SWIS (Berhampore), Wilton Rugby Club and Dyer Street School (Lower Hutt)
  • Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring school holidays.
  • Pick up from and drop off to home available.

Note: 1 on 1 support can be provided when and if needed to help with integration as well as In-Home Care and Mentoring.

Contact us to find out more, or to discuss the needs of your pre-schooler.