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My Third Place and Much More

Pride Lands childcare

When I first started at Pride Lands I was pretty quiet as a little child.

Over the time I have been at Pride Lands it changed me a lot. After being at Pride Lands for 5 years I have been more confident at telling people what’s wrong and learnt to not be scared to ask questions.

Naomi Pride Lands Intern

I started as an intern at Pride Lands at  13 years old. Have been enjoy being an intern because I get to do some cooking/baking with the staff. I have also learned how to run games which are very fun.

Naomi intern at, and Moses owner of Pride Lands Childcare Wellington

I learned a lot from Moses. Moses has helped me become a leader .

I now have a paying job at Irwell Rest Home.

I still go to Pride Lands because I get to meet new people and become more comfortable around big groups of people

Naomi Pride Lands Childcare Intern

Pride Lands is my family. Pride Lands is my third place because it brings everything from home and school together and much more.