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Every day we wake up to a happy boy

Pride Lands has an exceptional before and after school care program.

As a bilingual family that just moved back to New Zealand, we were concerned how difficult it would be for our six year old to find his place and make friends here. We tried holiday programs and other after school care options, but none of these were good fits for my active son, who has ADHD and is on the autistic spectrum.

Thankfully, I was recommended Pride Lands. After two terms of our son attending, we’ve seen so many positive developments for him. His behavior has dramatically improved with his one-on-ones and soon he was able to interact with other children and follow rules.

Every day we wake up to a happy boy who can’t wait to have new adventures with the Pride Lands team. We are so happy that we found such a great care program for our son, and wholeheartedly recommend to other parents seeking an invaluable environment for their children.