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Moses – Pride Lands Founder – Always Original

Kia Ora and hello,

The first time I got into a fight my grandfather told me “Your strength is a gift from your ancestors. It was never meant to be used to harm, but to protect. To use it against others means you don’t deserve it.”

At the time, I did not want to hear this and I didn’t agree. However, as I grew older, I grew to understand his meaning and realised the wisdom with which he spoke. We all have our own unique gifts and talents. My life journey and joy lie in helping young people to find, embrace and use their gifts and talents in their own lives.

I love my job. I am always happy to get up and go to work in the mornings. Most of the time it doesn’t feel like work because I am having so much fun.

I have learnt through my life that if you stick to what you know and love and what makes you happy, a successful life is the likely result.

I have spent the last 17 years building Pride Lands into what it is today. I am proud to have a group of talented people in my team who just like me, want to make a difference in the world through helping the tamariki and rangatahi who come into our orbit.

I have been through many struggles and hard times in my life, but I now find myself living my dream. I have a wife and two sons and a job that I love. My focus now is on helping the young people in our care to realise that they too can dream and achieve the life they hope for and that nothing is unreachable.

Pride Lands’ uniqueness has created childcare and youth services that are able to evolve and adapt to what young people need. A flexible and necessary service that is capable of making a long-term difference.

I am Pride Lands and Pride Lands is me. I am loyal and care dearly for the children that come into my care. My vision is “To help guide children through to adulthood, to help as many children as possible, and to provide this assistance anywhere it is needed, and to any age.”

I will allow my time and history in New Zealand to speak for itself through the many articles that showcase my passion, my dream and my life as a proud NZ citizen.