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Prenisha Naidoo

Thank you to Moses and the team for an amazing work experience. I am grateful to have had an employer such as Moses Ariama who constantly strives for success and providing a positive impact to the kids that attend Pride Lands Childcare Centre. As an employee who previously worked for Pride Lands I was drawn to the values and the common interest of putting the needs of the kids first and ensuring that they are being supported as our future generation. I have seen these kids develop into such positive and vibrant individuals because of the leadership and support that is given to them. I was amazed by the services that are offered, eg, pickup and drop off services from home/school to the before and afterschool programme, assistance with homework, meals are provided, exciting and fun playtime and not forgetting the impressive holiday programme that Moses runs… Some, also being overnight stays. It is so wonderful to see that parents place so much of trust in Moses and the staff by placing the kids in the Pride Lands Childcare. I have first hand experience in seeing how committed Moses and staff are to the wellbeing of the kids when under the Pride Lands care and the greatest achievement is when the kids are so excited to attend afterschool care and do not want to leave to go home. I am happy to have been a part of the Pride Lands family and I wish that the organisation grows from strength to strength. All the best Moses and team.