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Kia Ora All. If you are asking yourself ‘Why Pride Lands’ allow myself to answer. As a person who is working with and as someone who grew up through Pride Lands, I know that the work done here is 100 percent genuine, all the work done here is for your kids. Whatever their situation is, we will always do right by our cubs/your kids and we prioritize them at all times. When I was attending, Pride Lands acted as a safety net, If I misbehaved at school, at home, in public I could fall back on Pride Lands and at the time Moses. With the way Pride Lands run things I understood my actions were wrong, there is a time and place for everything and this wasn’t it. I learned this here, my actions are bigger than myself and to be respected you must be respectful. When it come to Pride Lands all cubs are treated equal. If your child misbehaves we will take them in and ill be that big brother that they need, back them up, tell them off and as always, be there for them. Kia Kaha