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As a granny looking after two lively boys aged 7 and 9 years over the school holidays they went to Pride Lands for a couple of days. I was amazed by the services offered if needed – long hours, pick ups and returns in smart vehicles. Snacks and a healthy lunch are provided so no morning rush to make them anything – just turn up. They really enjoyed their healthy lunch too. No TV or video games allowed. I duly went to pick them up only to find neither wanted to come home – they were having such a good time. I practically had to drag them away! Moses who runs the operation is a very special man, absolutely one of a kind with well trained staff. He exudes charisma, fun and excitement but there is absolutely no messing about with him and children love him. When Moses wants them to listen they listen!! All having a great time too and no unruliness. I asked both boys what they wanted to do next time they come to visit and of the many other activities they have done there was an instant chorus of “Moses!!” from them.