Ki Ora Pride Lands Parents

Life just has a way of throwing unexpected curve balls in our way but as our world leaders have clearly expressed, it will take us working as a community to beat this virus.

Pride Lands has plans in place to deal with all kinds of things, even the likes of COVID-19 and this was implemented well before it was announced as a pandemic.

Our centres have hand sanitisers placed at the centre for parents to use on entry. In addition, as we always do, we encourage and check to make sure our cubs wash their hands properly before and after meals and using the toilet.

As per schooling guidelines, please give your cubs a day or two to recover from any colds they may have and if you suspect any respiratory issues, we advise you have your cub(s) checked by a medical professional. We at Pride Lands are strictly doing that with all our staff and so far, so good.

For our upcoming Fun Holidays at Matiu Somes Island, it will be a perfect space and place to protect our cubs from the mainland. However, if your cub is ill, they cannot go on this trip or the Fun Holidays.

What Happens If The Ministry of Education Closes Schools Across the Country?

If possible we will operate an indefinite Fun Holiday Programme in small groups, following Government guidelines. Our centres will be as follows:

  • Pride Lands at Otari School - Wilton
  • Pride Lands at SWIS - Berhampore
  • Pride Lands at EBIS - Kilbirnie

This way you can be assured that your cubs are preoccupied with adventure activities and heavily insulated from COVID-19 while you are able to work from home.

We at Pride Lands wish to maintain some normality for your cubs in such times because it is our job and our duty.

Please advise if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you and have a pleasant day.

Moses Ariama - Director of Success